splash1 [ splæʃ ] verb *
1. ) intransitive splash on/over/onto if a liquid splashes, it moves or hits something noisily:
Water began splashing over the side of the boat.
A little bit of her drink had splashed onto the table.
a ) transitive if a liquid splashes something, it hits it noisily:
waves splashing the rocks
b ) transitive to put a liquid on something in a rough and noisy way:
splash something on/over something: She was splashing perfume on like it was aftershave.
2. ) splash or splash around intransitive to move around noisily in water:
splash through/across/in: She was splashing through the puddles.
3. ) transitive usually passive if words, a story, or pictures are splashed somewhere, especially in a newspaper, they are large and easy to see:
splash something across/over/on something: The scandal was splashed across the front page of the paper.
a logo splashed on a T-shirt
4. ) transitive to add a color to something, especially in a careless way:
Carol splashed green paint on the wall.
,splash a`round phrasal verb intransitive
same as SPLASH1 2:
children splashing around in the tub
The babies have a good time splashing about in the pool.
splash 2 [ splæʃ ] noun count
1. ) the sound of liquid hitting something, or the sound of something falling into a liquid:
He lost his balance and fell with a splash into the canal.
the splash of rain on the street
2. ) INFORMAL a small amount of one liquid that is added to another:
coffee with a splash of cream
a ) a small amount of bright color:
splashes of red
3. ) a mark made by a liquid splashing:
a splash of sauce on his sleeve
make a splash INFORMAL
to do or say something that becomes very popular or is noticed by a lot of people:
His new movie has made quite a splash on the east coast.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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